Friday, 19 May 2017


I am a klutz when it comes to  dressmaking. this is so because each time I have a vivid and flawless imagination on how I want a particular piece to look I usually end up on the bitter side of life with my silly mistakes. I spoke about my mistakes in sometime ago. But you know the goodnews, mistakes are good! They make you sit up in your next projects, the more mistakes you make the better! They turn you into something different!

Now I make dresses, that though may not match exactly with my imaginations but they come just as close! Learning is such a beautiful thing! For this post, it is a dress I wore on Easter Sunday! It was really just as close to my imaginations! Maybe that is because I did lots of research, on how to make a peplum stand! oh boy! The self method I came up with was so tedious that I would beg to differ if someone has a better alternative!

I had to use a wire, use a heavy fusible that ended up making the dress as heavy as a wedding dress! But oh well, what do I care I got my result and I am glad! I am still doing my research work here! I heard Horse tail Braid works to kick peplums but I have non and also could not lay my hands on any!
Ankara gown
So there is the the dress! and you see the way the down part of the dress flares... That was how I wanted it! On her head is what  is called Gele! I make them too. I cannot tie them to save my life but i sew them into a position that will last a life time and takes less than thirty minutes to install for each use!

Ankara Gown
This is a collage of the sketch and the reality!

Mabee Hautelicious illustrations

Mabee Hautelicious Ankara dress

Mabee Hautelicious

Mabee Hautelicious

Mabee Hautelicious

Mabee in Ankara Dress

Rhonkefella and a few others were the inspiration behind the dress! And the fact that I only wanted a challenge! A challenge on how I could achieve the pretty lower part of the dress. Hopefully I nailed it. There is more to come.

It was such a tedious process getting tis dress done but hopefully I have learnt for next time so I can save time and energy! Though it was worth all the struggle.

 This is the gele that went with the dress. It is purple and lovely!
Gele by MBH

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