Wednesday, 17 May 2017


This part of my hobby could be so annoying it makes me wonder if other sewist go through this irritating mess!!!
I know I'm still an amateur when it comes to seeing but dear me I've never had a dress come out exactly the way I pictured it in my mind's eye. It's always one silly mistake with the sewing or allowance, it just never ends perfect. I always just have to tell myself, "well, only you can notice it" or "it isn't that bad."
Will it ever end? I've learnt from some mistakes but some others I just can't find my way around.
Why I'm I ranting?

A few days back my father told me I would be representing him at an occasion which I'd give such a speech. I killed myself thinking of what I would wear and what I would look like. I finally got a beautiful fabric from my dad. I flipped through my sketch file until I found something good.
A real work began there, I found it so hard calculating the pattern draft, I tried and tried and drafted something hideous. Out of frustration I left it and went to bed. The next day, magical love I got all the calculations and proportions. Too happy to sew I went ahead. Everything was going super perfect until I decided to alter the design by adding an unnecessary detail, my bitterness begun.
Now this detail won't come out fine and I have already spout the main pattern. I was so mad at myself for wasting my whole day on something that was not fruitful. Angrily again, I threw the dress aside and went to bed mad!!!!! Raving mad!!!!!!!
Thank fully, I didn't have to represent my father anymore.
Now, the story doesn't end there, I bothered myself with how horrible I was at sewing, I kept recalling my previous mistakes. In fact I was so bitter the next day. I had to go online to search if other sewists have such experience, and definitely they do have.
I have considered giving up on my hobby since I'm self thought, gaining knowledge is quite a tough task. Other bloggers made me realize mistakes are worth it, they are awesome and perfect one even said if you aren't making mistakes you are not doing anything.
I'm very obsessive and I've realized so are other addicted sewists. Reading what others had to say about 'sewing mistakes' lifted my spirit. MISTAKES don't make a bad tailor. I accept.
I still pray to become perfect and talented as most sewists are because sewing has come definitely to stay.
As for that freakrum dress I must finish it.

And truthfully I did! i dumped it with my fabric stash and I consumed with hate each time I come by it.  Now there is something I noticed. At the time I made that mistake I did not own a seam ripper but oh boy! they are a blessing! every seamstress or dress maker need this not just a scissors, razor. I even met a tailor once using a tiny pin. It was the most painful thing I had to watch.  I am much better than I was when I wrote this, I still make mistakes. Seems you just cannot do without mistakes. As annoying as they can be I have embraced them. There are normal mistakes but mistakes that render the dress useless and your time wasted is a pain!

Here is the tool we all dread to use but it could be the best thing that could happen to anyone. Tailors purchase this and leave a beautiful sew life.
An anatomy is even needed. I once had someone ask me what it was when they saw it in my sewing box. and there is something I used once in the absence of my seam ripper it is used to cut the cuticles, it is called the cuticle cutter. It is not the best but it was helpful.
Anyways, have a lovely day day ahead

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