Thursday, 31 March 2016

The hourglass dress

This dress is so personal to me. Inspired by my friend Amaka Nwandu and also by the fact I love when women look curvilious. At first when this whole hourglass illusion thing was a trend I did doubt it could work for my own body. I mean how could just a dress make you look all curvy unless you already had the famous hourglass curves but I did try it and to my surprise it worked!
the original sketch of the hourglass dress

OK, I was home on holidays with nothing to do so I decided to call up my friend to ask if she needed a dress. Her usual self, she was more than happy to have me make a dress for her. Yippy!! More money!
Well, long story cut short I decided to snip snip with my scissors until the idea of the hourglass struck me.
After sewing her that dress it was so lovely that I had to do mine. Luckily I got the right fabric-color, texture. Not thinking too far, I knew the colour that would go with it. The end result of the dress is glorious. It seriously enhances my petite pear shape into an hour glass automatically. What more can I ask for?!

hour glass dress in the making, BODY A
 I love this girl for being my real life mannequin
finished work of the hourglass dress, BODY B
I haven't had the opportunity to wear this dress to anywhere but it has gotten so many positive reviews from people who have seen it.
I love the way this dress enhances the curvy features of my body. I do not have a strict hourglass body, like I said before I am a  petite pear shaped but somehow the geometric shaping of this dress ignores that. A good slit can never ever go wrong if you ask me, please do love your self with some (decent, flirty, softly sensual) any one can go as far as it doesn't erupt the wrong kind of attention.

The dress is a huggy one compared to the one I made for my client (I'll post pics of that one when she wears it), the pics are not clear enough to show you how beautiful the material is, stretch or plain material can do the magic. The length could be shorter but I would go with longer because it would make the dress look more graceful. And no matter how simple it looks only a good tailor can slay this dress especially the angling of the hourglass so as to give the perfect illusion of an effortless hourglass. Also note, everybody's body is different and there would be different results.
I just love this dress, I think I need more of this in my life!!!
#fashion advice: neon green goes with fushia pink and a dark shade of purple.
Some people may have already known that.

The illustration is almost a witness of that if the pictures are not clear enough.
The back of the dress has a long zip across the neck to the end of the dress and there are no purple cuts at the back. Feel free to alter the design to your own taste.
Have a lovely week ahead

Monday, 28 March 2016

How long does it take to get over a loss

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It has been 7 months since I lost an aunty, a friend and a tutor; there is not one day she doesn't come to mind. its been hard really hard and I see her in my dreams too and each time in the dream I am aware she is dead.
   Problem is I just can't get over it. My life has changed since she left. i mean, this is someone i was so fund of, i told her stories, she told me too many stories and we watched so many movies together (she was a real movie freak). Best it each time she always told me to pursue my passion in sewing/drawing.
Whenever she was around and I am just sewing away, she would come around and watch me; giving me tales of her childhood.
I loved that woman!
I still remember when i had been drafting the pattern and cutting the pieces of my 'STATEMENT DRESS' she had just sat there and watched asking if i had cut it well and why I had to pair it with red...The day i wore it, she had told me how pretty I had looked in the dress. I still remember her staring vividly at a picture I took in the dress...She'd stared and stared adjusting her thick frame of glasses under the lamp light, gushing about how she couldn't get over the way I did justice to the dress in my novice skills. she had requested for a dress herself but unfortunately never had the chance to wear it.
   i miss that woman, most times i get so close to tears each time I think of her but i don't because  i really have to let her go. her death put me through a lot and I have not gotten over her or the turmoil it put me through. it hurts to even know she is gone... she was so alive, so there, so not looking like a candidate for death. it has not been easy, i swear.
i could be seen laughing, chattering away like i have got life at the tips of my fingers but i am wounded, too affected.
   Her death has made me scared to live my own life and so scared of the lives of people i care about. yea, i am getting better, i can fall asleep now without having to see her or think about her but it still has not changed the fact that the shock i got from her death makes me sacred to live, it makes me view life as empty,. Does this happen to others? or I'm i just being too dramatic? but i am too affected i want to move on, i don't want to think of her death when i am cruising high up in the sky having in the back of my mine that if she could die... the lane i am in could drop and i would too.
I MISS HER SOOO MUUCH!!! I just recently dedicated my research work/thesis to her and it took me back to how much she wanted to help me, she gave me hers told me to look at it, advised me and told me i would be so proud of myself.
   someone said if heaven had opening/visiting hours she would visit her sister. And i wish so too, just to know if she is fine and to tell her i miss hr too much.
well i pray God gives me the grace to get use to the fact that she is gone for eternity and that i am  fine and that i wont lose my life and those around me



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