Friday, 19 May 2017


Yayyyyy!!! It is Friday once again! My best day of the week. like I  usually have more energy on Friday than Monday. That is a fact. This week has been stressful but productive as well. You know I am in that phase where I sew more. I have different phases when it comes to my sewing passion. A first phase when I am totally all about inspirations, fabric gushing, imaginations and an active mind, the second phase when I go fabric hunting and pattern drafting alongside the main deal, sewing! Finally the last phase when I am totally physically and menatally exhausted! I usaully do not want anything to do with dresses and sewing in this phase! most times I could be in it for days to months! And then again the cycle begins.

My illustrations have suffered for the past months because I am too lazy to get plain sheets and also to exhausted with sewing that in the end I poorly sketch my illustrations flatly and pick out the idea from there. So anyways I will be posting pics of the ones available whilst I pray to refresh my gallery.

mabeehautlicious 01
 The above illustration has a little story behind it. I had done a first illustration and loved it. I displayed it in the sitting room for all to see only for it to be destroyed by water! All the ink spilled and destroyed the gracious drawing. I was so heart broken because I never know how to do a repeat of drawings! i am not good at duplicating! I was desperate so I tried and it worked! Though not exactly the same but it was so similar.
mabeehautelicious 02
This other picture in a snap filter is so dear to my heart! And it is a sketch come to reality. I  will post about it next.
mabee hautelicious 03

mabee hautelicious 04
 This is quite an old illustration and I wonder why it has not been on the blog yet. This dress is an original dress by me. I had a client who called in for a design. she is a wedding planner and she wanted something to show her client. it took me a few weeks to do this! Why? I do not know?  I think I was just a bit nervous about designing a wedding dress. Wedding dresses had never been my thing until that time. I think I can say I did good. the client loved it but I do not kno if she made it anyway.
mabee hautelicious 05
I must still make this dress! It is a simple dress and something common but still I must still own it!
I would not feature any talented illustrator this week until sometime again!
Thanks for reading. Have a fulfilling weekend!

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