Thursday, 10 December 2015

Meet Hautelicious Ambassador

This lil girl is proudly Hautelicious. She has been one right from day one. Having my back, being excited to try out new clothes sewn, ready for photo shoots even when she is sick. She is sickenly cute and adorable! Her name is Grace and she is my lil sister
She isn't my ambassador because she is my little sister but because she is so passionate about fashion and Hautelicious.
Yesterday, she was so down and sick but I was surprised when she offered to dress up and take pics. During the process she lightened up pretty quickly! She is just good

That is my first ambassador at least for kids. The orange Kaftan was made by me. Ain't she too sassy, hot for a Lil girl? For the makeup on her face, she opted for a grown up look.

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