Thursday, 3 March 2016


Hey everyone, Hope we are all getting ready for the weekend because i know I am getting super ready.
I just went through my friends blog and one blog post there relates to me on another level.
I have heard all sort of things about how outspoken make it in life and i mean in every industry there is to think of.
Hearing it too much has made me doubt myself of ever becoming who I want to be. I'm a serious introvert, and not just introvert, I find it hard talking too, socializing or even able to survive in  a crowd. But i would make do if i have no choice whatsoever.
Through my short journey on earth, I have watched the outspoken, bold people get nearly everything, they get easily noticed, commended or are even believed to be smart and all rounded.
Now where does that leave me?
It's like to become successful I have to become who I am not or else I won't make any impact.
In this path I have chosen for myself, I've realized how dangerous it is, I have to be outspoken, competitive and you know all those obvious features there is. While on the other hand, any form of attention gets me so flustered and embarrassed. People see my works and expect I should just go out there, be outspoken, and just show off what I do; but deep down it doesn't just work that way because I am really not that kind of person.
I want to do well, succeed as a fashion designer but it seems there are really no opportunities for people like me, I'm left to change, adapt, cope in order to make any impact or to remain in my little small corner.
I write too, at least little stories here and there, and that is one of my medium of communicating and that is the same with drawing.
Anyway, below is the sweet write up of my friend, I really had not planned to post but when i saw it I knew I just had to.

My power isn’t in how I speak,
My strength is in solemnity and thought.
My true self is not found with people,
Its with a pen, a paper and my mind.
We live in a world that values the man of action,
More than the man of contemplation.
A speaking mouth,
More than a thinking mind.
I wanna be great but how can I be when who I am is not acceptable?
But I don’t want to be acceptable,
I want to be outstanding.
My personality will not be my hurdle,
But the reason I fight through and break forth.
                                                                          ¬NICOLE NWADIOKE
Yeah, that is pretty much how I feel too, I think more, feel more than I allow myself to express. Oh well, in the world of today I either adapt or seize to exist.
Well, that should not stop me from posting a lil sketch of mine

 This is just a fashion drawing i did for a bride crush... this lil art do no justice to how beautiful she actually looked on her big day

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