Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My first attempts at rendering

It has been such a long while. I missed doing this too much. By the way I'm home and happy. Hope everyone else is. Rendering my fashion sketches is still a huge challenge for me and as much as o would love to hoard my horrible first attempts thanks to no good markers or poor application of techniques. I will still post them regardless for the sake of future reference. I downloaded a few videos from YouTube soit could serve as a guide. Practice makes perfect. And I believe there is nothing you continue practicing fervently that would not yield perfection. Watch out for me soon. So below Are a few scary or poor trial

I know they are not the best but s Lil something to try until I get better 


  1. I think they are beautiful and I am not just saying it because I say all your drawings are beautiful, I really mean it. Its your first attempt and you did well.



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