Thursday, 17 December 2015

The christmas blouse i never got to wear

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!This season is a sew season for those who want to look good this Christmas. Mine is different I am sewing for friends back at school, my self because I need to practice more of this seeing thing
I have had a peplum top in mind for ages so a few weeks ago I woke my up and started out to cut all out. The bust cut was quite tricky but I got it though even though I am just realizing I forgot to use bust to bust point when cutting. It still came out fantastic.
I already have a skirt for this top but I realized I made the top too long so I will cut out part of it. Here are few pictures even though it is still under construction;
 This is how I do y bust cut with fusible. it is quite easy once you know what to do. The quality and weight off the fusible determines the result. before now I was always using poor quality which only made my results flat, unattractive and not pretty at all I love this one and I will be getting it always! Yikes!!

 Now that is the result. A very pointy bust which u could wear without having a bra on (for average and small boobs). I prefer this custom made bust pads. Another reason it is so pointy is because I haven't ironed the seams yet. Once u iron the seams u get a perfect padded dress. the blouse could even be worn without a bra. I know I am going to do that. (lucky smallboobsters)

 Don't think it all flattened out cos it is ironed. I decided to tap down the middle. as you can see I have not cut out the neckline and that is because I want an accurate padded bust before I cut out a neckline . all this would be confusing without  tutorial

 I have cut out y neckline and I have decided to fancy it with a yellow cord lace. I am too in love with the lace. at this point I am actually doubting its beauty

 Yeeaa!! some progress.  didn't use lining in the front bodice which is not advisable, but I had gone too far to begin to use ining and since it is custom made for me I don't mind!!!!

 I am so loving the look even without the sleeves yet. ahhhh!!!!! Now you see!! I feel it came out perfect. the lace on the garment are attached using pins but that is because I am not done, I am so confused if to stone the little circles on the blue fabric or use lace or both! too confused right now.

As for me I love this peplum top.  i have put the sleeves but what is left is to stone and hem the loose ends. this is a top for a ready skirt i wouldn't forget to post pictures when i wear them. Enjoy Christmas y'all.
Shout out to my friend whose bday is today!! lucky u were born with the King!!

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