Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Magic in this cutie

The electric mini sewing machine is a wonder and a must have for professionals and amateurs. I do love it. I had ordered it on Jumia and was quite shocked by the cheap price. Unsure of how good it could be, I went on amazon to read the reviews. and just like in the way of reviews, a lot were quite negative, insinuating the bad service of the cutie. I got scared and only hoped my own experience with it would be different and I would be one of the few people with a positive story.
Not too long after I ordered it, I got it (thanks to Jumia's excellent delivery service).  I had felt too scared to start using it because I didn't want the needle to snap  or break, or any other mysterious thing to happen.
I waited, went on YouTube and watched several videos on how to operate it and that is when I did. it is too small and beautiful to be true. It sews so smoothly, though quite noisy but who cares. it is portable and can do its job.
This cute magic came  already threaded with four extra reelers, a needle. It works electrically and also  with batteries (that is just too good). It has a foot pedal which can be operated.
it is just awesome!
I had a filled time this morning, sewing away.
It is truly a cutie, it is portable and unbelievable light for travelling, perfect and simple for amateurs to learn and operate.
The only thing not so good about this cutie is the fact that it cant operate big projects, it could try but it isn't necessarily for big projects.
The Magic Cutie is still worth a try, I promise. It comes in various sizes and types, prices vary too and this type is the most expensive, I cant review the others, but this is good.

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