Friday, 13 November 2015

Croquis Fridays

Yeah!!! I waited seven days for a chance to muse about Croquis. 
It is here now. I spend a lot of time training so I could do my Croquis better.  Not a  lot literally, but the few times I have to sketch I do so happily, having in mind to train and get better
I have just one thing to say to everyone who has a passion,  a dream or a talent to showcase... Please follow it, pursue it no matter what anyone says to you. I have been talked down one too many times which only made me a slave to pessimism.  You might not be the best out there, but faithfulness to the things you love is enough, don't give up on anything you believe you can matter what.
So here is a few pics of my own fashion illustrations;  I really wish I could render them!!
Designed for a client
This is designed my great ambassador Grace
Now the three above are my own illustrations, sorry for the poor quality of the image, I only wish I could render just like my role model below.
I am featuring her work this week. Her brand name is STYLETEMPLE...One of Nigeria's very best fashion designer. I found her page on instagram. She motivates me with all her poise, creativity and talent. She is a couturier, I guess she is based in the north. Her work is toooo amazing, I am in awe.
From sketch to reality by style temple
See how rendering an illustration could bring a whole different kind of beauty. I love her renderings because they are not only on paper they come to live. To view more of her illustrations you can follow her on instagram @style temple.
Have a lovely day ahead and see you next Friday

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