Thursday, 3 September 2015


This is Tanesha... her surname is always escaping my memory maybe because it is strange. she is a plus size fashion blogger I love so much, GIRLWITHCURVE.COM. That is her site, you can google it. I am following her and I do manage to save a lot of her pictures. And aspiring to become plus size woman in the nearby future-something that must happen due to childbearing- I would love to have dress sense like hers since I actually have a low one for now.
  I came across this photo and I fell in love. I loooove the dress and just looking at it reminded me of the fact that I miss sewing. being in school kind of restricts that a lot. if I was home I would immediately run to a thrift store, or a fabric store to get a similar material, return home, transfer my measurements, cut it out and finally bang the pedals of my machine until I have something pretty similar to this.
And I will add a collection to the HAUTETILICIOUS wardrobe. Advertise it on my lil body and make for anyone who is interested. I just love the dress!!!
plus if you do want tutorials on this just lemme know. I'll be glad to share.

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